Origami & Petal Shirts



Origami shirts are made by hand.
The fabric of the shirts is gathered into a repeated flower design that is tightly bound with string. The shirts are then steamed to make the gathered flowers permanent. Next, the string is removed and the shirts are flattened with a steam iron. The result is a shirt with a dramatically beautiful pattern.

Some origami choices are two-tone. This is accomplished by a process called paper transfer where colored paper is laid over the shirt and steamed to impart color to all of the high spots while leaving the indentations uncolored.


Petal shirts are similar to origami but come in prints and the process is pull, tie, steam and press to create a flower petal appearance.

We make petal shirts as well as origami because prints look best in the petals design and origami works better in solids and two tones.


Both Origami and Petal shirts will fit a range of sizes without looking snug. The fabric naturally relaxes over a larger body and over the hips and busts regardless of size.