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Here's what some our Retailers have to say about us:

Magic Scarf’s tops and skirts are very easy to sell because they’re easy to wear, easy for travel and easy to wash. They definitely draw customers into the store because people don’t expect us to have this great line of clothing and our prices are lower than boutiques. We have repeat customers and a waiting list of customers to call every time a new shipment comes in. Magic Scarf has excellent customer service and is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend giving them a try! .
— Susan, Gift Shop Manager, Altru Hospital Gift Shop

I want to thank Rachel for her speedy attention to my questions about the product. You are all so prompt and thorough in the Customer Service department! I appreciate it as do my (our) customers. What a great company to work with!
— Mary Mescher

Thank you - I received this replacement today.
I just wanted to tell you - I've bought a few things from you guys over the years and I have always received superior service no matter what is going on; regular order or sending something back. Thank you!! Wish all companies were like you!

— Sharon Mullen

I really appreciate you taking time to email me Nicole. More of that fabulous customer service y'all always give... Great products too, it all flies right off my shelves!
Take care,
— Kim

Hello Magic Scarf,
Thank you so much for the information. One thing I like is the simplicity of your website. It is very easy to use for ordering. I also want to compliment your company. You have great PR, and are very helpful to your clients. I have never worked with a company or organization that is so helpful, polite and gives such good service. I am impressed!!!! Please pass along my compliments to the whole staff.
Thank you for your help.

— Virginia

Dear Magic Scarf,
I can't keep your products in! The merchandise is attractive and trendy, the Popcorn Shirts are comfortable to wear and people are drawn to them. I have repeat customers because of the colors, the comfort, the easy packing and easy wear. Customers come and buy all of the types of Magic Tops we now have. They love the Mini Pleats now. Repeat customers. I started conservatively, and once I realized their popularity, I built our stock in depth and width. They've all sold. I have 4 mannequins dressed in front of the store, in lobby and customers undress mannequins and buy right off mannequin. Inside the store I have a 6-8' shelf stocked with Magic Tops and skirts.

— Joanne, Marian Medical Center Gift Shop

Magic Scarf Customer Service,
I received the boxes from Magic Scarf yesterday. have not opened them yet because I am working yesterday and today. I cannot begin to thank you enough for all your help with this order. Your company is the greatest for Customer service. I will give it 5 stars. I will go through the order on Sunday.
Thank you again for your prompt, courteous assistance.

— Theresa

Magic Scarf’s line sells very well in our store. Women love the tops because of the great colors and prints. They look great on everybody, all sizes and shapes. It’s been a very good seller for us and we reorder often.
— Sherry Evans, B I Deaconess Friendship Gift Shop

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